Quick-Ship Bikes For:

  • Bike Rental Biz
  • Resort Loaners
  • Bike Giveaways
  • Promotional Gifts 
  • Contests & Events
  • Charity Auctions
  • School Bike Groups
  • Touring Groups
  • City Bike Programs 

Bike Packages Too:

  • Pricing from $154
  • Firmstrong Bike
  • Safety Helmet
  • Lift-Off Basket
  • Combo Lock
  • Shipping Discount

Substitutions are easy, just ask!

Blue Marble Construction gives away a beach bike with every home sale! Even the Mayor has one!
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We have to ask before getting started....did you at least follow our number 1 tip and reserve your local rental domain?

Do it now please. It's the cheapest way to secure traffic and establish credibility, period.

USE OUR QUICK DOMAIN CHECKER BELOW to see if your local area name followed by the words bikerentals.com is available.
If you need them, full instructions on hosting your area's bike rental domain are HERE

OK, now let's move on to a few additional ideas to increase your rental income

Partners- Work out a deal to park an example rental bike with a sign at privately owned businesses around town who have better foot traffic than you. Candy store, coffee shop, ice cream shop, surf shop, book store, etc. Give the staff a stack of cards, with a promo code for $ off a rental, and have the store stamp them with their name and address. For every rental give the store $10 or whatever works for your pricing metrics. Have your bikes visible in as many places as you can!