Beach, Cruiser & Mountain Bike Size Guide
Each bike on our site has a height range next to it's image.

BEACH CRUISER BIKE SIZE GUIDELINES (applies to mountain bikes too)

Here are a few quick guidelines for selecting size. You pretty much can’t go wrong if you are in or near the range stated below.
  • 20” Wheels: Heights 3’2” – 4’4” Mostly kids (find in our youth section)
  • 24” Wheels: Heights 4’ – 5’4” Tall kids, early teens, shorter adults, and seniors wanting easy step-through (find in youth, mens, womens, & multi-speed sections)
  • 26" Wheels: Heights 5'-6'4" Mid to later teens, and adults (find in our mens, womens, multi-speed & mountain bike sections)


Our bikes come in 20”, 24”, or 26” wheels, each paired with a frame that gradually increases in size as the tire sizes go up.

You will see notations on frame size in our descriptions of each bikes. However, these aren’t as important as wheel size, and unless you are extremely large or extremely small, you will achieve the best fit by focusing primarily on the wheel size. If you fall into a very tall or very short range you might prefer a larger or smaller than typical frame size respectively and those are quick and easy to spot in our descriptions.
For comfort bikes like beach bikes and hybrid mountain bikes, none of this should cause you too much worry. Think of all the times you’ve seen racks of bikes at the beach available for rent. Well, most are probably 26” bikes with a few 24” thrown in for more petite riders. The handlebars and seat height are both adjustable for individual rider comfort and can then accommodate a wide range of riders.

Stretch bikes will fit most riders unless under 4'4" in height.

There are two bikes made especially for tall riders; the Chief series and the Bruiser series.
Single Spd 26" Beach Cruiser UnisexSingle Spd 26" Beach Cruiser Unisex

Unisex 26"
Single Speed / Coaster Brake

from $189.95 shipped

Most Popular Resort Rental Model
Fender & Rim Options

for riders 5'-6'
15 color combos

3 Spd 26" Beach Cruiser Unisex3 Spd 26" Beach Cruiser UnisexUnisex 3 spd 26"
3 Speeds / Coaster Brake

from $259.95 shipped

2nd Most Popular Resort Rental Model
Reverse Pedal to Stop
Easy Shimano Grip Shifter & Internal Hub
Fender Options

for riders 5'-6'

baby blue, vanilla, mint green, purple, pink
Single Spd Stretch Cruiser UnisexSingle Spd Stretch Cruiser UnisexUnisex 26" Stretch Cruiser
Single Speed / Coaster Brake
from $419.95

Our Second Most Popular Promo Bike