Our Top 4 Questions (followed by LOTS more Q&A)

  •       FREE Shipping?
  •       When will my bike arrive?
  •       Will it be assembled?
  •       What size bike should I get?

Free Shipping is available from our warehouses to your destination for your purchase and includes shipping to valid shipping addresses in the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, military and air force bases, islands, remote addresses outside normal shipping rates, and PO boxes. Some addresses will allow you to check out in our shopping cart, but in fact have an extra shipping fee that needs to be quoted due to the unusual nature of your address. We cannot foresee all possible shipping exceptions but you may write to find out your rate if you think your address might be excluded. sales@cheapbeachbikes.com

For INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PLEASE SCROLL DOWN. (Returns or exchanges of any kind are subject to shipping fees that are the responsibility of the customer.)

SHIPPING is Fast...
Bikes are shipped from California. Depending on where you live, you'll receive your bike within 3-7 business days from the date of your payment being processed, sometimes much faster. Occasionally a weekend or holiday will delay a bike a day or two, but that's rare. If your bike is backordered, we let you know what to expect and usually have a comparable model we can recommend for purchase instead. Large orders take a bit longer, so give 6-12 days for our wholesale shipments. For retail shipments of 10 or less bikes you can use this map to check out estimations:

All of our bikes come pre-assembled. Once un-boxed, all that needs to be done is to attach the front wheel to the frame. Slip the handlebars in and tighten. Attach the seat to the seat shaft and slip it in the receiver hole and tighten. The pedals are marked with "L" and "R" for easy identification. If you are sitting on the bike the pedals attach to your left and right from that position. It shouldn't really take more than 25 minutes at most. Check out our easy to follow pictorial instructions for cruiser bike assembly and fender assembly.

BIKE SIZE GUIDE  FULL BIKE SIZE GUIDE CLICK HERE  And...each bike on our site has a height range below it's image.

  • 20” Tires:   Kids 3’2” – 4’4” in height (find in our youth section)
  • 24” Tires:   Tall kids, early teens, shorter adults and senior wanting easy step-through 4’ – 5’4” in height (find in youthmenswomens, & multi-speed sections)
  • 26" Tires:   Late teens and adults 5'-6'4" in height (find in our menswomensmulti-speed & mountain bike sections)

Special Note for TALL RIDERS: There are two bikes made especially for tall riders; the Chief series and the Bruiser series.

Other Questions You Might Have

1How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
2. What forms of payment do you accept?
3. What shipper do you use? 
Do you offer 2nd day or Next day service?
5. Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii or INTERNATIONALLY outside the United States?
6. How can I check the status of my order?
7. What's the difference between the Flower Cruiser and the Standard Cruiser?
8. What's the difference between the Strong Cruiser and the Standard Mens Cruiser?

10. Will my shipment be insured?
11. What are your shipping policies?
12. Will I receive a receipt upon completion of my order?
13. What if I want to exchange my bike?
14. What is your return policies?
15. Are manufacturers defects covered?
16. What brand are the bicycles?
17. What type of warranty is offered on your bikes?
18. If I buy a bike, will my information be kept secure and confidential?
19. If I join your mailing list will my email address be kept private?
20. Can I order by email instead of using your order processing tools?
21. Do you sell outside of the United States with INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING?
22. Do you sell bicycle accessories? (i.e. fenders, baskets, horns, etc.)
23. Do you offer wholesale prices?

More Questions?  Send us your feedback [Click Here]. 


1. All product purchases made through CheapBeachBikes.com will appear as "Great Gear Delivered, Inc" on your credit card or bank statement.


2. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Paypal up to $5,000 (3% admin fee) and for large purchases you can send a wire transfer, check or cashiers check. Equipment is shipped upon clearance of payment.

3. We utilize FedEx Ground and UPS Ground as our shipping carriers.

4. Yes, If you'd like a quote for the additional fees, send your question and your exact delivery address to our Customer Service Department.

5. We offer free shipping to the contiguous United States (48 states) only. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam,  islands, remote addresses outside normal shipping rates, military and air force bases, and PO boxes. Some addresses will allow you to check out in our shopping cart, but in fact have an extra shipping fee that needs to be quoted due to the unusual nature of your address. We cannot foresee all possible shipping exceptions but you may write to find out your rate if you think your address might be excluded. sales@cheapbeachbikes.com 

For wholesale orders outside our free shipping area, we are happy to ship for free to an East or West Coast contiguous US located freight forwarder for you. You would then assume ownership and shipping responsibility to your destination. For example we have many clients in Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. If you order 15 bikes or more you would use a freight forwarder to get your bikes to your country from a forwarder in our country. Simply check google for freight forwarder US to _________. They will need some info from you like your address, and our pallet specs. A typical pallet of bikes is 55" x 55" x 93", weighs 900 pounds, and is sent class 150. 


6. The status of your order may be checked by visiting www.FedEx.com and entering the tracking number from the tracking email sent to you from us after the bike shipped. 


7. The Flower is a much thicker frame than that of it's sister the Standard Cruiser Unisex.

8. The Strong is a much thicker frame than that of the Standard Cruiser Mens.


10. Yes. All orders are covered automatically. See Damaged Merchandise for more information.


11. See our Shipping Policies.


12. Yes, an order confirmation/receipt will be emailed to you within minutes following the completion of your order. You may also want print the "Verify" page for your records.


13. See our Exchange Policies.


14. See our Return Policies.


15. See our Manufacturers Defects Policies.

16. After years of experience looking for the highest quality bikes at the best possible prices, we've selected Firth, Greenline, and four other lines for the majority of our business.


17. See our Warranty Policies.


18. Absolutely! All information is kept 100% confidential on our secure server. From the moment you begin your transaction with CheapBeachBikes.com until the successful completion of your order, you remain on our secured server system SSL. See our Privacy Policies for more information. We are also a VERIFIED MERCHANT with our merchant bank which gives you added assurance of a stable ordering platform.


19. Absolutely not! Again, all information including email addresses are kept strictly confidential. See our Privacy Policies for more information.


20. Yes, email us your order at sales@cheapbeachbikes.com. We will get in touch with any questions or follow up information needed. 

21. Retail bikes are not available outside the contiguous US at this time, however quantity wholesale purchases of 15 or greater bikes can get a specialized shipping quote without difficulty. For example, we have many clients in Canada, Australia and the Caribbean who have us ship to a contiguous US based freight forwarder then on to their destination. We give you the specs for your order. For example the freight forwarder will ask you what size pallet. A typical pallet of bikes is 55" x 55" x 93", weighs 900 pounds, and is sent class 150. 


22. Yes, we sell accessories in wholesale quanitities, typically 15 units or greater, but mixing and matching is possible. Please visit our bicycle accessories


23. Yes. CheapBeachBikes.com specializes in selling in quantity. Our wholesale program is second to none. As experts in the bike rental and bike loaner program businesses we can get you started faster and cheaper than anyone out there. In addition we sell large numbers of bikes for promotional giveaways, rewards programs, city bike programs, and other incentive plans. Our accessory packages make getting started easy. See our Wholesale Pages for more information.