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"You are the only bike company who wrote back answers to all my questions. In fact you are the only one who wrote back. I rarely have a personalized experience any more while shopping online and it really helped. Thanks for the effort. Oh, and I LOVE my bike! The white is absolutely beautiful and gets lots of compliments." Samantha G. - Boulder, CO 

Buy a Beach Bike for an easy, comfortable, affordable way to keep in shape!

You'll get fit while having fun...Riding around your neighborhood, cycling the park, or biking to and from work!

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Beach cruiser bikes are a great gift, for yourself or someone else

The benefits of buying a beach cruiser for yourself or as a gift are many. These comfortable bikes with retro styling are made of high quality steel in order to be strong and durable. The rider is seated almost upright, and the bike is outfitted with balloon tires, a soft seat, and perfect geometry for reducing strain. Beach cruiser bikes are easy to ride and comfortable. They feature a firm ride that is invigorating and smooth.

When purchasing one for your own use, or as a gift, lots of choice in color, gearing, brake type, and size allows you to tailor it to your liking. Take advantage of the knowledge of experts in the biking industry who know how to make purchasing the right bike easy. Check out our handy size guide and assembly instructions. Still have questions? Write us and tap into our expertise.

We are focused on selling both retail and wholesale bikes and accessories for use by individuals and businesses. High quality and low prices on the most comfortable and durable bikes are what we have built over a decade of great service on.

Interested in a resort bike rental business? We are experienced in bike rental business and bike loaner business for resorts, hotels, or campgrounds. If you own a hotel and want to give your guests a way to relax while staying with you, we can help. We offer complete start up packages designed to help you every step of the way. We offer fast shipping as well as discounted wholesale on pricing for orders of ten or more bikes.

Discount High Quality Beach Bikes- Buy a beach cruiser for health and happiness!

Coastal and resort biking is a really relaxing experience. Whether you are buying a bike for yourself, your second home, as a gift, or as part of a larger program of rental and loaner bikes for a business you are affiliated with, you'll find friendly customer service, excellent prices, and biking know-how at our site. We have made it our goal to offer the beach bike experience for the lowest possible prices without sacrificing quality. Check out our testimonials. People love our bikes.

Why buy a bike?

Riding a bike is great exercise and a fantastic stress reliever. Sometimes when we think about exercise, a barrier immediately goes up in our minds. We think it's going to cause too much pain or take up too much time. We become even more stressed out, falling into the cycle of thinking "I've got to..." or "I should…"  more>>