Unisex Beach Cruisers
Unisex Beach Cruisers and Multi-Speed Cruisers
We have a great selection of unisex bikes, whether you're looking for standard cruisers or a tropical vibe. Our beach bikes have a comfort seat, are easy on your back, and come in lots of fun colors. Single Speed Cruisers are great for ease of riding and maintenance. No shifting, easy braking, and low cost comfort. Multi-Speed Beach Cruisers are the same bikes equipped to endure the longer ride or hilly terrain and are a good commuter bike. Multi-speed beach bikes come with a Shimano 3 or 7 speed shifter on the handlebars, coaster foot brake for the 3 speed bicycle version and hand brakes for the 7 speed style, comfort spring loaded seat, widened handlebars and the extra wide tires. 

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