Stretch & Low Rider Beach Cruisers

About our Stretch and Low Rider Beach Cruisers 
With our selection of high quality Stretch Beach Cruisers and the Low Rider Bicycle you get quality at an affordable price. You don't have to live near a beach city to cruiser around on your new stretch beach cruiser bike in style. Or, enjoy the luxury and cruiser bicycle comfort of one of our cool looking low rider beach cruiser. If you are shopping for a stretch beach or low rider beach bicycle at a great price you found the major hook up. These popular and unique beach bikes come in many different colors and styles. Not the mention the variety of the classic fork, the triple tree fork and the springer fork choices we offer.

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Easy assembly 

All of our bikes come pre-assembled. Once un-boxed, all that needs to be done is to attach the front wheel to the frame. Slip the handlebars in and tighten. Attach the seat to the seat shaft and slip it in the receiver hole and tighten. The pedals are marked with "L" and "R" for easy identification. If you are sitting on the bike the pedals attach to your left and right from that position. It shouldn't really take more that 25 minutes at most. If you do need some help, just contact us and we can help you over the phone.

Bicycles make Great Gifts. Fun for the Whole Family!