2 CHILD SEATS - Front Mount Safety
2 CHILD SEATS - Front Mount Safety
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Only $138.95 each to your door.

Another Great Opportunity to Increase Revenue
Small children are secured in front of the riding adult. This is a much better set-up for rentals than the behind the adult scenario. The center of balance and visibility of the child are all better.

Package includes 2 Carriers

Product Details
Fits most bicycles on the market today
Mid-mounted seat provides a better center of gravity and increased mobility for adult rider
Features a three-point child safety harness system with quick attach/detach buckle with pivot lap bar for additional safety
Better view for the child resulting in better protection from dust and dirt
Improved positioning allows better communication
Easy and safer loading and unloading of the child
Enclosed leg wells for comfort and safety
Seat fits most children four years old and younger