Wholesale Bike Buying FAQ

WHOLESALE PRICES (buying one bike is fine too!)

We sell wholesale and retail, from 1 to 500 bikes or more. All pricing is available to see right on the product page for each bike. Prices are clearly marked by quantity ordered, all the way up to 100. Click on any bike, scroll down and you will see pricing based on number of bikes ordered up to quantities of 60+ which ranges to 100 bikes. If you are ordering more than that a good rule of thumb is to take an additional $10 per bike discount for every 100 depending on model. There are only a limited number of bikes in the country, so discounts for very large orders depend on whether you are willing to wait for them to be manufactured, or need to have them taken out of higher priced retail circulation.


Standard Wholesale (or Retail) Order
Just fill your cart with individual bikes, or wholesale bike and/or accessory packages, and checkout. We'll confirm stock and update you, make any needed changes, then prepare your shipment. Tracking will arrive 48 hours after ship date.

Custom Order or Pay by Check
Don't see a package that fits or want to pay with a check? Just write or call, we have a super fast process for getting you started. We clarify your needs, get your approval, then you send us a check. Here are the details. If you are in a hurry, please let us know and we'll do everything we can to streamline your timeline for processing and shipment. For rush shipping additional charges apply. Call 888-6147-6442 or email sales@CheapBeachBikes.com and we'll help you pick out your bikes, bike mix, and accessories.

  1. Start the custom order process above by calling or writing.
  2. We'll reply with an email showing a draft of your order.
  3. You reply with any remaining color choices, and changes quantities or items to get your order just how you'd like it.
  4. We'll confirm stock, and reply with any needed last minute changes, as well as an invoice.
  5. Review, initial, sign, scan, and email it back to us.
  6. Upon receipt stock will be held for 24 hours pending payment.
  7. Send payment via overnight carrier in the form of cashier's, company, or personal check. For orders less than $5000 you may request payment by credit card. We'll create a private, secure link with a custom product for you to add to your cart.
  8. Bikes and equipment are shipped when payment clears. (2 days for cashier's check, 7 days for corporate check, 10 days for personal check)
  9. Shipping for bike orders of 10 or more is overland pallet freight and takes from 6-12 business days. For less than 10 bikes Fedex Ground is our preferred carrier. Shipping for accessories is from 2-5 business days via UPS Ground.
  10. Two days after equipment is shipped we will send you tracking estimates from our carriers.
  11. Our warranty and damage claim processes require that all products are fully inspected within seven (7) days of receipt from the shipper. No exceptions, so expedient and careful examination of your goods is critical.


Exceptions apply: NO PO/APO boxes, and if you are shipping to an island or difficult to deliver address we encourage you to call or write first.
We reserve the right to refuse shipping to areas that result in an excess of allowable shipping expense.
Shipping of equipment begins after payment fully processed. Bikes are shipped from California.Accessories are shipped from warehouses all across the US.
9 bikes or less- Usually arrive in 3-6 days. Fedex Ground is our preferred carrier.
10 bikes or more- Usually arrive in 6-12 business days. Overland freight via pallets is our preferred method of shipment. Accessories- Usually arrives in 2-5 business days. UPS Ground if our preferred carrier.
Rush Orders- If you are in a hurry, please let us know and we'll advise you on the quickest payment turnarounds and shipping choices to streamline your process. For rush shipping additional charges may apply. For retail bike shipments of 9 bikes or less bikes you can use this map to check out estimations.

See international shipping below for information on how to ship to these areas. For our regular shipping we do not serve Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, islands, remote addresses outside normal shipping rates, military and air force bases, and PO boxes. Some addresses will allow you to check out in our shopping cart, but in fact have an extra shipping fee that needs to be quoted due to the unusual nature of your address. We cannot foresee all possible shipping exceptions but you may write to find out your rate if you think your address might be excluded. sales@cheapbeachbikes.com

For wholesale orders outside the contiguous US, we are happy to ship to an east or west coast contiguous US located freight forwarder for you. You would then assume ownership and shipping responsibility to your destination. For example we have many clients in Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. If you order 20 bikes or more we would ship to a freight forwarder in Washington, California, or Florida then your forwarder will send the bikes to your country. Simply check google for freight forwarder US to _________. They will need some info from you like your address, and our pallet specs. A typical pallet of 20 bikes is 55" x 55" x 93", weighs 900 pounds, and is sent class 150.

We know you're eager to find out when your equipment will arrive. Within 48 hours after your order is picked up by the carrier from our warehouse you'll receive an email from us including a tracking number. Tracking typically works after 10pm on the day we send it to you. To track your shipment visit www.FedEx.com and enter the tracking number. It's a long number so cutting and pasting into the FedEx site works best to avoid typos. If you ordered a larger quantity your bikes may be arriving via overland trucking, and that information will also be sent via a tracking number email, but with a different carrier name and email address for updates.


Orders under $5000- We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card credit cards via our secure business class Paypal processing relationship for orders up to $5000. All product purchases made through CheapBeachBikes.com will appear as "Great Gear Delivered, Inc" on your credit card or bank statement. You may also request payment by check for orders of any size. Equipment is shipped upon clearance of payment as noted below.
Orders over $5000- Upon approval of invoice, a cashier's, corporate, or personal check should be sent to our offices via overnight carrier. Equipment is shipped upon clearance of payment. Clearance is typically 2 days for cashier's check, 7 days for corporate check, and 10 days for personal check after deposit.

An order confirmation/receipt will be emailed to you within minutes following the completion of your order. You may also want print the "Verify" page for your records.

Your submission of your order is your agreement to purchase. Your opportunity to cancel your order occurs during checkout when you give final approval for your purchase and allow your credit card to be charged. We are an instant processor and order fulfillment happens immediately. Bikes and color choices are held in the order received. Due to limited inventory, high demand, and fast turnaround time, orders are fulfilled as specified on your payment receipt or invoice.


Wholesale / International / Non-contiguous US
There are NO Returns or exchanges of any kind permitted for wholesale and/or International or non-contiguous US purchases.

  1. You must notify us of desire to return/exchange within 7 days of shipment delivery for retail purchases. No exceptions. If you order something, and later realize you really wanted something else, we can help. Unopened bikes may be exchanged for any reason for an item equal to or greater than in cost. Bikes are heavy, inventory is kept in tightly controlled quantities, and shipping is expensive so a few guidelines apply.
  2. A restocking charge no less than twenty (20%) percent is charged on all returns, waived for exchanges.
  3. Shipping of the return item and the new item, and any cost difference in the products is the responsibility of the customer.
  4. Your original purchase must be received in unopened, undamaged condition back at our warehouse before new merchandise can be sent.
  5. You will be credited for the remaining balance after inspection occurs.


All bicycles carry a thirty (30) day warranty on the frame and all joint components. Unless otherwise stated in writing, the warranty on each bicycle sold by Cheap Beach Bikes.com is limited to defective part(s) replacement with equal or greater value type product at the sole discretion of the manufacturer. CheapBeachBikes.com reserves the right to substitute similar parts on bicycles as per manufacturer specifications as seen fit. Non-Warranty Items a. Gear, brake, spoke, or any other adjustments. b. Normal wear and tear to bike, tires or component from use or exposure to elements. c. Any alteration made or aftermarket part installed on bike by customer. d. Damage from a bike accident. e. Damage due to original shipping or transport. f. Minor scratches are not deemed damage and not covered by the warranty.

You must notify us of manufacturer’s warranty and defect issues within 7 days of shipment delivery to allow service within the allowable 30 day warranty period. No exceptions. You are responsible for opening and inspecting your package within the time limit, this is especially important to remember when buying gifts or equipment in advance. Warranty issues must be addressed with the manufacturer but don't worry, in most cases our Customer Service Department will handle all of these claims for you without a hassle. Just fill out the claim form, attach images, and send to us within 7 days of delivery and we take it from there. We will respond to your claim within three (3) business days to inform you as to what action will take place in order to rectify the situation. The manufacturer will replace any part(s) that is found to be defective or that fails within the period of the warranty. Depending on stock our manufacturers can typically send a replacement part right away.

Don't worry, you're covered. You must notify us of damages within 7 days of shipment delivery. No exceptions. You are responsible for opening and inspecting your package within the time limit, this is especially important to remember when buying gifts or equipment in advance. It's unfortunate and thankfully rare, but due to the weight and size of bike packaging a bicycle may receive some damage in shipment. We know it's disappointing to have something arrive banged up or broken and will do our best to get it corrected for you quickly. Damaged merchandise claims must be filed with the carrier that shipped the product(s), but again don't worry, in most cases our Customer Service Department will handle all of these claims for you without a hassle. Just fill out the claim form, attach images, and send to us within 7 days of delivery and we take it from there. Depending on stock our manufacturers can typically send a replacement part, or in severe damage cases an entire bike, right away.