Why Buy a Bike?

Why Buy a Bike?

  • low impact fun exercise
  • super affordable pricing
  • an excellent gift
  • a wise business decision if you have customers who would like to rent or loan bikes

Stress?   What stress?
Riding a bike is great exercise and a fantastic stress reliever. Sometimes when we think about exercise, a barrier immediately goes up in our minds. We think it's going to cause too much pain or take up too much time. We become even more stressed out, falling into the cycle of thinking "I've got to..." or "I should…"

Interrupting this stressful pattern is easy if you can clear the first mental hurdle. Remember when you were a kid and rode a bike just for fun? It's as simple as this: Buy a comfortable, inexpensive bike (if not from CheapBeachBikes.com then from somewhere else) and go for a short ride—just for the fun of it. How do you feel now? When we get our bodies moving, even for a short while, we send oxygen-rich blood flowing to the brain. This makes us feel good—it reduces stress and stimulates the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural pain relievers.

Just by going for a little bike ride, you have helped both your mind and body. And you've broken that vicious cycle of thinking exercise is painful and avoiding it. Through this momentary physical distraction, you have reduced stress levels without even realizing it. From now on, instead of thinking "I've got to," you'll think "I get to." Now that's healthy living!